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Some Considerations Concerning Loft Conversions

Date Added: February 10, 2010 06:32:55 PM
Author: Paul Mroczka
Category: Remodeling

When it comes to loft conversions there are numerous considerations that need to be addressed before deciding if you’re going to transform the topmost part of your home into a new space. Here’s a look at some important issues.

 Feasibility of Conversion

First, you need to determine if the loft conversion is feasible. Will the space be useful or are there too many restrictions to make it practical. Problems can include a lack of floor space or ceiling clearance, extreme temperature conditions that may be difficult to remedy and problems with pests such as bats or squirrels.


Also, if you presently use the space for storage, where will you put the items currently kept in the loft? Finally, you’ll need to research zoning restrictions in your community that could affect your conversion.  


Loft conversion can give you a new living space

              Loft conversion can give you a new living space.

Reason for Conversion


What is the reason for converting the loft? Is it to create another bedroom, an office, a playroom or a huge walk-in closet? Whatever the reason for the conversion, you need to determine if the space is right for its intended use. Loft conversions work best if there’s a clearly determined purpose for the transformation. Otherwise, the space could become a catchall for junk and an idle space.

Access to the Converted Loft


Most lofts have poor access and that means the entryway to your new room will have to be carefully planned. There will be considerations related to the structure of your home, convenience of access to the space and how large the entryway can be.

Tricky stairs

            Access can be tricky


If you decide to go with a winding stairway, that may comprise your ability to bring certain types of furniture and appliances into the space. A straight staircase may give you better access, but due to space or structural concerns you may not be able to accommodate one. Additionally, you’ll need to decide if you want your converted loft to have a door. A door will afford more privacy, but it may not be practical.  

Controlling Costs


How costly will the transformation be and does it still make sense to convert the space if you have to cut costs so much that the new space can no longer meet your needs and desires? Adding a bath or a kitchen can be extremely expensive. In opening up the loft, you’ll be installing windows, altering walls and your roof and dealing with issues related to heating and cooling. All of these elements add up as far as cost is concerned.

Loft Conversion Specialists


Loft conversions are specialized renovations that are best served when undertaken by a contractor who possesses a wealth of experience that they can apply to your project. Work with a contractor who knows the pitfalls, challenges and rewards of loft conversion. Doing so will payoff in the end as you are able to enjoy your new space to the fullest.

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